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Whatever your equipment needs, our experienced consultants will work hard to try and find the most competitive finance package for you. Complete the enquiry form to get a truly "obligation free" consultation.

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"One home ... Many lenders"

Automotive Loan Warehouse is a fully licensed asset finance specialist providing a complete finance solution for your next car, caravan, motorbike, boat or tractor loan. We have access to many loan products from the major Australian Banks and specialist funders.


Hassle free financing for tractors and machinery

We have an easy online loan application process or you can speak to one our asset finance specialists. We make life easy and compare tractor loans from our many lenders who specialise in farm machinery. Our lenders offer very competitive rates and repayments and we will structure the finance to suit your cash flow. Once the paperwork is complete our financiers will pay the supplier of your equipment direct saving you time and hassle. Contact our team today for an obligation free tractor quote so that we can help you get the farm machinery you need to run your business efficiently.


The right solution for you

Whether you are looking at new or used equipment we can help. We understand each business is individual and we will work closely with you to find the right solution for your business. We are able to offer many financing solutions for equipment including chattel mortgage, hire purchase and leasing and can structure payments for seasonal fluctuations to help manage your cash flow. We are also happy to organise a pre-approval so you can be confident that funding is secured before you go looking for the right tractor.



We know our consultants and will work hard to find you the best deal from our panel of lenders. Our aim is to match your profile with the most suitable lender and quote you with the best rates and repayments first time.


You're in control

Be in control of your loan and organise either a pre-approval or secure your loan in advance of your purchase. Leaving a loan to the last minute or signing contracts when you take delivery might mean you are not focused on the loan details and do not secure the best deal.

We specialise in arranging tractor loans and equipment finance & work closely with lenders who are experts in this field. Our experienced finance consultants will answer all of your questions, provide you with complete product information and guide you through the entire process.


Do you have any questions? We’ve got the answers

Why use an online broker?

Many online brokers specialise in providing tractor and equipment loans. This means they generally have access to multiple lenders who are willing to try and find a solution. Using the services of an online broker often means you can match you profile and individual situation with a lender before making a formal application. This allows you to gather more information on individual lenders criteria before making a formal application which can avoid unnecessary hits to your credit file. You should ensure the broker you are dealing with holds an Australian Credit Licence which authorises them to provide credit assistance on loans.

What information will I need to provide?

In addition to providing standard information for a loan application it is a good idea to gather additional information to support your application. This could include documents that verify your identity together with financial statements. If you are aware of the reasons as to why you have bad credit it is also a good idea to talk through the circumstances with your broker.

What happens if I have been declined before?

This simply means that you failed to meet the individual lenders criteria. Working with a professional broker that has access to many lenders allows you to align your profile and individual circumstances to a lender who is more sympathetic to your individual needs. A professional broker will also ensure your application is presented to the lender correctly which will boost your chances of getting the right decision first time.

How can I be successful in getting approved for a equipment or tractor loan?

Ensure the new loan matches your circumstances and profile and you can comfortably meet the new repayments within your budget. A deposit of some description may also be useful but is not essential for an approval. The asset you are buying could also determine the outcome as a lender would prefer to lend on a newer asset from a dealer as opposed to a much older asset which may require more maintenance and put additional pressure on the borrowers budget. Before applying you should ensure your finances are in order and you are able to supply supporting information to support your application.


Make a quick enquiry and one of our friendly team will call you as soon as possible to help get finance for your next equipment purchase.